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Parking Lot Repair & Maintenace

Complete Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance Services In and Around Columbia, South Carolina

At Affordable Asphalt Company, we offer complete restoration services for apartment and commercial parking lots throughout Columbia, SC. Whether you need a parking lot repair in Columbia or parking lot maintenance in Charleston, you can count on us to do it right! Contact us now to get a free quote on your parking lot repair project or read more about our professional parking lot repair services in Columbia and the surrounding areas.




Crack Sealing

Parking lot cracks can lead to severe problems like potholes, deterioration, and even pavement failure . Most contractors will opt for a crack filling quick fix without examining the root cause and then, the cracks come back. We’ll find the root of the problem, repair it, and make sure it doesn’t come back.

Pothole Repair

Potholes can be major problems for commercial or apartment complex parking lots. They can damage customer or tenant cars, cause serious safety concerns, and make any property look unappealing or drop in value. With Affordable Asphalt Company, our experts will repair potholes of any size.


Protect your parking lot from severe issues like potholes and cracks with our sealcoating service. Sealcoating extends the durability of your parking lot from UV rays, water intrusion, and other harmful factors.


Worn-out parking lot stripes look unappealing and may lead to a disorganized parking space. We offer high-quality pavement marking to ensure your parking lot is up-to-date with the standards your city requires, including ADA compliance.


We offer resurfacing services for parking lots with severe damage from cracks and overall asphalt failure. We’ll assess the damage and determine the best resurfacing option for you.

Water Drainage

Excess water is damaging for parking lots without proper drainage setup. Our contractors will find the appropriate water drainage solution for your parking lot and ensure the pavement stays at its best.

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Affordable Asphalt Company specializes in commercial parking lot repair in Columbia SC and the surrounding cities and offers a one-year warranty on all of our work.



Work With The Most Experienced Parking Lot Repair Company in South Carolina

When you choose us, you’re relying on a company with over 55 years of collective experience in the industry. That means that when we begin planning your project, we’ll do so with your tenants and customers in mind. We consider time, schedules, access, and other possible downsides during the project so that you can continue to serve your patrons without inconveniencing the general public. Rest assured, you can count on us for our consistency, knowledge, customer-service and accuracy.

What’s more, we’ll come prepared with our own equipment and asphalt to ensure seamless and first-rate results each time.

We Offer Parking Lot Repair Services in South Carolina

Affordable Asphalt Company is available for commercial and apartment parking lot repairs in Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill, Greenville, and Florence.

Wherever you are in South Carolina, we’ll come to you!

Recent Reviews

Affordable Asphalt’s road foreman proved extremely capable and ensured the job was done correctly, with enough hot mix to ensure the road looked and drove great. If you’re considering investing in a long-term roadway for your place, you should talk with the pros at Affordable Asphalt!

– Mike M.


What does commercial parking lot repair consist of?
Our comprehensive parking lot repair service jobs are second to none. We seal all your cracks, fractures, and potholes, as well as address any bleeding, traveling, upheaval, and rutting. We’ll also repaint any faded stripes or markings (ensuring it’s compliant with local standards) as well as sealcoat your lot to maximize its durability.

Is commercial parking lot repair a good investment in Columbia?
Yes. Since commercial parking is considered private property, repair and maintenance can improve its value over time. Paired with our professional sealcoating and striping services, a regular repair can promote a safe and appealing parking lot for public and/or private use, which can lessen both customer and tenant turnover.

How much does commercial parking lot paving cost?
Given the vast number of different types of repair you might need, as well as the size of your lot, we can’t provide an exact cost without a visit to your project site. That said, we’ll provide you with a free quote for your parking lot repair job following your initial consultation.

Do you provide commercial parking lot sealing services in Columbia?
Yes! In fact, not only do we provide sealcoating, but our seals are among the best in the business. Not only that, but we provide various coatings (“seals”) depending on the condition of your pavement, and can assess the quality of your parking lot to determine the very best one. Whether you need to apply more structure to your pavement, or less, we can help ensure your parking lot will last for years to come. Check out our for more information.

Does Affordable Asphalt provide commercial striping services as well?

Yes! We’re happy to provide commercial striping services for parking lots in Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill, and the surrounding areas. Check out our parking lot striping page to learn more.

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